Welcome to El-Rehoboth

A Note from the Executive Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation. As a ministry we have a God-given mandate to proclaim His word around the globe and a call to champion the global cause of Christ in every assembly. We are committed to raising the Bride for the Lord among the ethnics of the world. As a mission organization, God places a call on us to develop, empower, and sustain a major vision that will give the church global output. We do this primarily, through our trainings and programs.

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We Empower Leaders

Through our Biblical Leadership Training, we develop, deliver and motivate the multiplication of Bible-centered servant leadership for life transforming discipleship and mentoring skills in reproducible platforms in every sphere of life.

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We Mobilize the Church

Through our Missions Mobilization Toolbox, we expand the core knowledge and interest of Christians in churches and professional circles to a point of active commitment to God’s worldwide mission with the possibility of a practical field exposure.

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We Mentor Younger Leaders

Through our Mentoring Programs, we offer a greater depth of life transforming mentoring skills in reproducible platforms. We help believers explore how professional career options can enable them take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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Training - Our Vehicle

Through our trainings, we serve the church by providing strategic programs and tools to equip, empower, envision and engage the Church to complete the Great Commission ASAP