A Note from the Executive Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation, as a ministry we have a God-given mandate to proclaim His word around the world, we are positioned to champion the Global Cause of Christ in every assembly and we are committed to raising for the Lord, the Bride from all the Ethnics of the world. Part of our calling of as a mission is to help develop, empower, and sustain a major vision that will give the church global output. We do this, primarily through our trainings and programs.

We are committed to helping individual believers to discover their God-given potential and apply this potential, not to their local church only but as a gift to the Lord of the Harvest in the global arena. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your church’s commitment to mission, if you are looking for a way to deepen Christ-like leadership development and mentoring, if you are searching for a way to strengthen  the passion to reach the people of other religion, take a tour of our website, you may find one thing that would address your need. From our Biblical Engagement and Leadership Training, our specialized training on God’s heart for the Muslims, from our Leading Like Jesus to special events like Kairos, a course on God, His world and His church. There’s a lot you can gain and there’s a lot you can do. Let us know how we can help you together for the global purpose around the world.

Timothy Olonade

Our Vision

To see the entire Body of Christ mobilized and her leadership rightly influenced to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Mission

To serve the church by providing strategic programs and tools to equip, empower, envision and engage the Church to complete the Great Commission ASAP

Our Core Values

  • Servant Leadership
  • Church Rooted Mission Mobilization
  • Harvest-focused Mentoring
  • Kingdom Passion and Excellence
  • Global Body of Christ Partnership