World Missions Mobilization Leadership Summit (WMMLS)

Mobilization Leadership Summit is a strategic summit of leaders and mission mobilizers from churches and mission agencies to explore, develop and share valuable information to accelerate mission engagement by the entire Body of Christ.

This unique summit brings together the best minds in missions mobilization and leadership to share intense, trending and hands-on principles and practices of world evangelization to stir the church into action.

Mentor Development Gathering (MDG)

MDG is a gathering of younger leaders, an advancing kingdom troop who are deliberately invading every sphere of life and opening every gate of human endeavours as they cause mighty impact worldwide as a network of mentors.

Kingdom Vanguard Assembly (KVA)

The project is designed for young people to keep the vision alive as they transit to adult life. There is a new generation of young people, envisioned by God and prepared to make a difference as they journey into adulthood. They are the Kingdom Vanguards. They believe they have the Kingdom of God as the primary pursuit of whatever they become in life. When they gather, they become the Kingdom Vanguard Assembly. Because they assemble to keep their vision alive.
If you have opportunity to gather young people and you want them to discover God’s mission from now till their old age? Host KVA in your Church. This project is in collaboration with churches and ministries around the nation. It happens in different regions but if you are in Jos, during summer you may join the one that holds every summer.

Faith of Our Fathers (FOF)

Faith of our Fathers is a clarion call to restore the church to its God-ordained position of influencing every generation. The Faith that our fathers handed to us is vibrant and every generation has responsibility to sustain it. In partnership with ministries, churches around the country, minister’s fellowship and ministry leaders could spend two or three days together to explore different aspects of the faith of our fathers.

If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, you can join the Baptist leaders for an annual conference co-sponsored by El-Rehoboth Foundation.