About Our Humanitarian Services

The Women of God in Nigeria (#WOGIN) started in 2004, when we invited friends from the US to attend a conference organized for women leadership development for women in Leadership roles or Ministry. Ladies like Barbara Mitchell, Dawn, Kerstin Fowler, Louise, Robin, and Love Joy; all these people visited to make impact. As we grew older the ministry grew in number and strength…

Testimony abounds, one of the students who is an orphan, under our care has now graduated from the University and is married with a son. This brings so much joy to our hearts because we see God’s faithfulness and effectiveness in the program. The women are growing stronger in their faith in Christ, they are being taught to live a victorious Christian life and we can see a clear difference in their walk with God.

The end of the year for WOGIN is marked with a feast in God’s word and physical food. We hold a celebration of life, give thanks and listen to various testimonies of practical trust in God throughout the year. The women go home at the end of the year with bounties of food stuffs and clothing donated by people.

God can use you to donate to this end of the year feast for the widows and orphans by donating bags of rice or garri, cartons of soap and toiletries, cartons of seasoning or pay the examination or school fees of one or two students. We welcome your generosity.