M2414 Initiative

M2414Initiative was launched in 2012 as a global Mission mobilization and mentoring initiative based on Matthew 24:14 with the following mandate:
Proclaiming the word to the nations.
Advancing the global cause in the church.
Preparing the bride for His return.

M2414 initiative is for those who set their life,family and ministry pursuit to make Matthew 24:14 a reality within the shortest possible time; they believe and live strategically to move the church towards closure; and they are willing to spend and be spent to make Jesus known,loved, followed and worshiped.

M2414Initiative comes in different expressions, viz:
1.KVA: Kingdom Vanguard Assembly- Vision Casting and mentoring camp for Young Adults.
2. MDN: Mentor Development Network/Group- Network of mentors working to improve their mentoring capacity.
3. MIME: Ministry Internship & Missions Exposure – Relational opportunity to explore individual calls to its fruition.
4. PIN: Professionals Into the Nations – Engaging professionals in restricted access areas of the world.
5. WOGIN: Women of God Int’l Nigeria – serving ladies in kingdom leadership roles
6. SMILE Initiative – Showing Mercy, Impacting Life for Eternity

Mentor Development Network (MDN)

Mentor Development Network is a platform for sharing ideas, principles, scriptures and life experiences gleaned in Mentoring pilgrimage as we seek to mentor or be mentored according to Christ’s standard for all who love His appearing.

MDN was initially conceived and run as Tim Olonade Mentoring Club. It was created as an interactive relational hub. It shares trusted and experienced, God-honoring, paradigm shifting, life envisioning and destiny-impacting coaching, guidance and mentoring insights and relationship.

The Network helps a growing company of radical world changers, upcoming leaders who are bent on making Jesus famous, loved and worshiped globally regardless of their vocation and calling in life.

WOGIN/ SMILE Initiative

This is an organization that is committed to building capacity for women in kingdom Leadership responsibility, creating social engagement and putting reality to Christianity by advocating the cause of widows and vulnerable children.
To be more proactive in responding to these needs SMILE INITIATIVE emerged.
M- MERCY and

The vision of the initiative is from James 1:27 “…seeking to care for widows and orphans in their distress.” Our goal is to put a SMILE on their faces thus addressing their needs holistically.
This is done in three phases:
1. Educational Development schemes.
2. Poverty Alleviation Schemes.
3. Entrepreneurship schemes (empowerment).
Educational Development Scheme provides full tuition scholarship for orphans so as to ensure they stay in school.
The Poverty Alleviation Scheme also called “Touch of Love Outreach” provides widows with basic household products, clothes, food items, at the end of each year.
Entrepreneurship Scheme organizes Skill Acquisition training, every year, to help all widows learn to make basic products for their families or sell to generate income.
Spiritually, the women are taken through various aspects of discipleship and victorious Christian living. They learn to pray effectively for the Nation, the church and the women folk. A great number of them have testimonies of prayers being answered.