Ministry Internship and Missions Exposure (MIME)

Is God calling you to give your life into serving His Global Mission agenda? Are you at the moment wondering how to go about this call of God upon your life? Your waiting is over. Join Ministry Internship and Mission Exposure Program. This project will offer between a year or two to explore God’s call and how it fits into your in life. It assists you to give your professional service, to utilize your ministry gifts on a short term basis in preparation for a long term basis. If you have just finished your University Education or Tertiary and you wonder how to prepare yourself for a long-term journey with God?  You can give God one year of your life. Volunteering has become more practical with MIME. If you have finished Bible School, and wondering whether to go to a local church or to go to a Global platform?  Consider MIME, you may find out how best to serve God.


Minimum 1 year

Professionals into Nations (PiN)

Through PiN we engage and expose professionals and students into mission service within restricted access nations. If you are called, there are no closed countries to those who run with God into Restricted Unreached Nations.

We can help you extend God’s kingdom as you advance in your education and job opportunities. You may access scholarships positions and grants, secure employment in the most unlikely places. Jobs, business and education opportunities exist for young people to represent Christ in the marketplace.


Depending on the Course and Context


Focus On Rural Majority (FORM)

FORM is our deliberate input into neglected rural communities to develop and empower the people to maximize their God-given potential.